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Prosecute Renisha McBride's Murderer

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Renisha McBride knocked on a door in Dearborn Heights, Michigan asking for help after a car accident.  She was fatally shot in the face - simply because she sought assistance. 

The Killer has not been charged with murder.  The killer stated that he became scared and shot the 19 year old teen - who did not break in the house but, simply wanted assistance. No shots were fired through the killer's door therefore; he obviously opened the door to shoot Renisha. We demand that the murderer is charged and convicted for Renisha McBride's murder. 

This murder comes at the heels of numerous innocent deaths across the nation. This pattern must cease. Justice for Renisha is not obtainable as we cannot bring her back to life however; the prosecution of this 54 year old murderer will begin to set a standard within the judicial system - it is not alright to kill innocent people because of "Stand Your Ground Laws" or simply because you are afraid of certain races and classes of people.

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