Proposed additional Hydro electric plant on the Rubicon River

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The Rubicon River, Thornton Victoria, a major tributary of the Mighty Goulburn River.

A place for trout, both Brown and Rainbow, to live eat and breed.

A river that is a draw-card for hundreds and thousands of anglers every year to fish and support the local communities surrounding it.

This pristine river is under threat, this time , not by big business AGL and their practices, this time it is from a smaller business , owned by a local farmer and plumber, Mr Greg Salter.

Mr Salter has been digging holding ponds on his property and has plans on creating a Hydro electric power plant to supply power to the local community, unfortunately this we be to demise of this beautiful river its inhabitants and local communities.

There has already been a power plant on this river for many years, run now by AGL electricity.

To add another plant on such a small and fragile ecosystem will surely end with catastrophic consequences.  

One of the major issues with holding ponds is that they eventually fill up with silt from the river and surrounding land. This silt, as was seen in previous years, is then flushed down the river to "clean" the ponds , with no regard for the rivers below. These rivers then have their freestone beds clogged with silt, killing the sub surface insect life, the food for so many fish and bird-life. It takes years for this silt to pass , and even then, it is just passed down river to the Goulburn River.

How can such a small river , that has trouble recovering from these practices form one power station, possibly cope with twice the amount, simply , IT CAN'T.

This needs to be stopped.

Please sign this petition and help stop the destruction of the Rubicon River.