Pronouns for Pride ID Revolution

Pronouns for Pride ID Revolution

June 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Davina Rush

My son was recently in a tragic car accident where he suffered a traumatic brain injury and his friend (the driver) died. It has been
a long hard road, but now, 123 days later, Benny is able to smile and communicate by pointing and nodding etc. There is so much
more to this story, but the reason i am creating this petition is this…. 

Benny and his friend Gabe are transgender males. Neither of them were surgically altered yet, but they identify as male. And even after the brain injury, Benny has let us know that he remembers this and that his pronouns are he/him. However, at the time of the accident the reporters etc were not aware of this preference and went only by their IDs; and Gabes family sadly did not honor his preference at all. This is one of the biggest fears in the transgender community, being misgendered in death or if mentally incapacitated. So, i want to petition the state of Florida and the country of America, on behalf of those who haven’t had gender affirming surgery, or maybe don’t even plan to have the surgery, or can’t afford surgeries or name changes, but this IS their identity. We must protect the gender identity of these people. It is our duty as compassionate and understanding people, as EVOLVED people, to take off the socially conditioned blinders and to broaden our view, and to see these souls for who they REALLY ARE. 

I propose a simple fix for this problem. We can make these changes, starting with our state IDs and drivers licenses etc.  The drivers license could maintain the legally obligatory assigned birth gender, but it could easily also include the preferred pronouns.

Example: "sex F - pref M" and then on the next line down "pronouns he/him'

This would be such an amazing relief for the
transgender community and an easy fix, and completely legal. And maybe, even where the legal name is printed, we could allow them to at least have their preferred name listed in parentheses next to it. This would be revolutionary and amazing on so many levels. It would help in situations like Benny’s accident, or in the work place, or school etc. So they could use the proper pronouns and name legally as it would be legally documented and confirmed. Can we make this happen?

It's such an easy fix while still adhering to the legal requirement of listing the legal
name and gender until the person is able to have these assignments changed.

Please help us make this change!

Sincerely, Benny's mom.

Ps. You can see Bennys story on Tiktok at
Bennyisafreakingrockstar or on FB under that same title

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Signatures: 504Next Goal: 1,000
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