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Return Promise to Two by Two and Hope for continued medical care

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On Thursday November 11, 2017; at 12:15 pm a Good Samaritan posted about a dog that came up into a friend's yard needing urgent medical help!!!!

When Heather Wyatt with Two by Two Rescue saw the condition of this girl she immediately committed to taking her into rescue and told the Good Samaritan to get her to Hope Animal Clinic in Bessemer. This precious soul that didn't deserve the horrible life she was dealt was given the name of Promise.

Upon arrival at Hope they immediately took her back and began treatment. She was 1st given pain meds and blood work was done to see if she would be able to survive the surgery needed to remove the embedded collar. Her wound was infected and they were praying she wasn't septic.

Once the test results were reviewed they were able to preform the surgery to remove the embedded rope. The doctor said she would have been dead within 48 hours if she hadn't broke free and found help.

Less than 16 hours out of surgery animal control officers along with jefferson county sheriff's arrived at Hope with a court order demanding possession of Promise. It was said that an owner(s) were found and that cruelty charges were being pursued. Promise had to be held as evidence at their facility. Two by Two begged and pleaded with Allison Black Cornelius (CEO) of Greater Birmingham Humane Society to allow Promise to remain at Hope getting much needed medical treatment while charges were being sought. However to no avail their pleas went unanswered. (See the picture of her being taken from her safe haven and IV removed). 

Please explain why she had to leave the hospital, removed from her IV and taken to ACC. My prior experience with the shelter animals that are considered 'EVIDENCE' they are locked away from everyone, they don't see the light of day nor taken outside. They are in a dungeon continuing to suffer wondering when it will ever end. I have been told that she would be taken to AVS however I have also been told that she would be released back to ACC!

Isn't the neglect and abuse obvious? Wouldn't pictures, videos and medical records suffice? I am sure Two by Two would hand over all evidence to them. It isn't like Promise can talk and tell the judge what her life has been? She doesn't have to talk, just look at her eyes! That is a face of a dog that had given up all hope, probably wishing she was dead to end the suffering. She was given a reprieve until AC came and took that away from her. For what???? Why????

What does GBHS and/or Allison hope to accomplish by their actions? Do any of you believe that the punishment, if any, will fit the suffering Promise has endured. Why allow her to continue to suffer. Are we certain that an owner was found?

I am asking everyone to please help get Promise back to Hope to continue her recovery. Please let her recover from her past and have Hope for the Promising future that she deserves.

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