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Save the Seahorses

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There are more than 40 seahorse species, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists many as either "threatened" or "endangered." Some species don't have enough data on them for scientists to even assess their conservation status. Despite the seahorse's vulnerable position, people are taking millions of them out of the ocean each year to use in traditional medicine, sell in the aquarium trade or even use as ornaments or tourist souvenirs. It's not just a few million being lost - it's tens of millions, according to Amanda Vincent, a marine biologist and director of Project Seahorse. To make things worse, the captured individuals aren't the only ones affected. When people take seahorses out of the wild, their families are disrupted as well. But it's not just traditional Chinese medicine and the aquarium trade that's wreaking havoc on seahorse families. Seahorses are also inadvertently caught with certain fishing techniques, like seine and trawl fishing. For more information, go to

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