Bring back Mothership on Project Alpha

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Mothership was an excellent variety show on Project Alpha, one that helped many people laugh, relax, and just feel better about life after a tough week. By chance Alpha got a great combination of hosts, writers, and crew that all seemed to enjoy their work, appreciate fans, and just straight out loved making the show. Everyone involved with the show seemed to genuinely have just as much fun as all of us fans watching, which is rare and endearing. Mothership certainly had a large, passionate fan base and despite that, it was cancelled at the start of March. This was also in spite of the fact that a ton of fans asked for its continuation. Even now many fans are still clamoring for a Mothership revival.

Alpha espouses community and caring about fan feedback quite a bit. Yet when fans voiced their desire to keep Mothership alive, Alpha decided to ignore all their pleas and cancel the show anyway. My point is this, if Alpha/Legendary Digital Networks truly cares about the loyal fans and community that they have inherited from Geek and Sundry and Nerdist, then Alpha/LDN will bring back Mothership. Otherwise, Alpha is no different than any other major media company or subscription service, and our community is not as important to them as it used to be at the start. Thanks for reading.