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The pets offered for sale at local markets are living under very bad conditions:
unsanitary, not vaccinated, in small and dirty cages in the heat, stacked on top of one another, most of them without water and food. They are apathetic and many are sick and having behavioral problems.

Many puppies and kittens offered for sale are not even 8 weeks old.
The pets for sale at these markets are often in need of medical care. People continue to buy them because they feel sorry for them and they don't know of their existing medical problems, which is misleading and cruel to the pet and dangerous for the health of the buyers as well.

Selling / buying pets at markets encourages blind backyard breeding, cruelty against animals and neglect, especially in Bahrain where the outdoor heat is unbearable and the selling conditions are horrible and pet’s health is compromised.
Several previous stolen pets from all around the island have been found for sale on the market or have been abused for mass breeding.

These pets are kept in extremely filthy conditions before they are sold. There are no regulations to protect these pets.

The selling of these pets in unsanitary conditions will continue if we don’t act to STOP it.
We, the undersigned, request the Bahrain Government to pass a pet protection law to protect these pets as well as the families who are buying them as pets.
Breeding under license legislation should be implemented and sales of pets at markets should be prohibited.

Please put an end to these horrific practices !!!

Please SIGN the petition below to ask Bahrain government to ban the selling and breeding of these pets in open markets.

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  • King Of Bahrain
    His Royal Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain

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