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Prohibit Firearms in Places of Worship.

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Religious freedom is very much considered and respected as a privilege in the United States of America but the protection to practice willfully and safely has been seen unjust ever since April 24, 2016.

At 11 AM, on Sunday, April 24, 2016, Robert Braxton III was shot and killed inside of a Montgomery County, PA church. In the presence of over 200 worshipers, including young children, a fellow churchgoer lawfully entered the sanctuary with a loaded semi-automatic handgun due to his "License to Carry Firearm" (LTCF) permit. Such a permit mandates Pennsylvanians to openly carry a firearm in as sacred a place as a church. He shot him twice in the chest, killing him before he could be treated by a hospital. The shooter was cited by the Montgomery County DA's office as using his firearm for unlawful reasons and with the intent to kill.

He was only 27 years old. Committed to Christ. A Temple University graduate. A young homeowner. A natural leader in the workplace. A star basketball athlete. A well respected and loved man in his community. Most importantly, he was my dear friend who yearned to explore and never settled for anything short of success.

He went to church to seek solitude and guidance but instead was confronted with violence, legally.

On behalf of the Braxton family, we are seeking support to amend the carrying laws that allow guns in Pennsylvania sanctuaries; calling this amendment Braxton Law. Currently allowed under PA law 6106, if you hold a LTCF you are not allowed to carry in the following zones:

1. Court Facilities - PA Title 18, Chapter 9, Subsection 913

2a.Grounds and buildings of Elementary and Secondary schools(K-12 grades), whether the school is private or public. Affirmed under J-S22025-16 PA Commonwealth v. Goslin, 2016. - PA Title 18, Chapter 9, Subchapter 912 .

2b. Within 1000ft of a school unless you have a license/permit issued by the state in which the school is located - US Title 18, Part I, Chapter 44, Subsection 922(q)

3. Certain Department of State buildings - by regulation

4. Places off-limits by Federal Law or regulation, IE: military installations(exceptions for hunting at some bases), Federal Government buildings, after the security check point in airports,etc.

5. Any private property where a landowner, tenant or person so authorized to maintain property has asked you to leave because you are carrying, or where the property owner or tenant has placed signs or placards denoting that guns are forbidden - Title 18, Chapter 35, Subsection 3503

6. Detention facilities, correctional institutes, or mental hospitals - Title 18, Chapter 51, Subsection 5122

A young leaders life was taken. An entire community was terrorized. Children's lives were put at risk. Why are sanctuaries a permitted zone for gun carriers? Especially when all it takes is an age requirement, residency, and a background check for approval? We propose, if guns are a necessity in church, it should only be authorized personnel allowed to carry on the grounds, not civilians.

Please help us enforce our democratic rights by passing Braxton Law. In pursuit of this change, we hope to influence other communities and states to follow similar suit in gun laws.

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