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Progresso soup cans are lined with bisphenol A (BPA), a hormone-disrupting chemical that studies show is linked with cancer, obesity, heart disease, and other life-threatening diseases.

A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard tested individuals who ate Progresso Soup. Levels of BPA spiked in their blood samples.

This poison is being consumed by our children! It is time for Progresso to step up and follow the lead of other industry leaders like Campbell's soup and remove BPA from their cans.

After all it should not be difficult for Progresso to find an alternative BPA-free can since their sister brand from General Mills, Glen Muir Organics, already removed BPA from their cans.

No one should be subjected to poison in their soup. 

Please join me in telling Progresso to take BPA out of soup!

Letter to
General Mills PR
Chairman of the Board Kendall J. Powell
and 4 others
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain John Church
General Mills
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Mark W. Addicks
Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer Jerry Lynch
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Progresso.

Progresso: Stop poisoning people with your soup!

After learning BPA is linked to serious health problems like cancer and obesity, I was shocked to learn that Progresso uses this chemical in their soup cans.

In fact, a recent Harvard study tested people who ate Progressive soup and found that BPA levels spiked in their blood levels.

Campbells has already taken steps to remove BPA from their soup, and your sister brand Glen Muir no longer uses BPA in their products.

Please follow their leads and remove BPA from your cans immediately so that I can continue to enjoy Progresso soup without putting my family's health in jeopardy.



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