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Drop Rush Limbaugh from WCHV's programming

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When Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke dared to testify before Congress that birth control is essential to women's health and should be included in health insurance policies, Rush Limbaugh unleashed a three day torrent of vitriolic abuse at her on his radio show, calling her a "slut" and a "prostitute" and demanding that she post sex videos of herself online so he and others could watch. It is an outrage to community standards that WCHV should allow Limbaugh a platform to air such vileness in Central Virginia, and we demand that Limbaugh be dropped from WCHV's programming, and further, that the results of this petition be included in the public files of WCHV. Until these demands are met, we pledge to boycott any business that advertises on Limbaugh's show on WCHV.

If you can stand it, video of 53 of Limbaugh's most vile smears against Sandra Fluke

Nine advertisers, and a station in Hawaii drop Limbaugh's show

Another station dumps Limbaugh


3/12/12 Update: National advertising on Limbaugh show suspended for two weeks. Keep the pressure on!

A partial list of advertisers, gleaned from actually listening to the local show today(ugh!), 3/5/12, can be found under the "Petition updates" tab on this page.

FCC regulations regarding a station's public files, and the obligation of a station to make those files available, can also be found under the "Petition Updates" tab.


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