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Mr. Brinkley wrote a column for Tribune Media Services ( that contains largely inaccurate facts, poorly- (or un-) researched information, hear-say and grossly xenophobic opinions about Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, and disguised it all as legitimate journalism. When called out about the errors in his so-called journalism, Mr. Brinkley not only defended his writing, but further disparaged other Southeast Asian countries.

This petition calls for his resignation as a professor of journalism at Stanford University. Why should such an unethical professional be able to shape the minds of young scholars at such a well-regarded institution such as Stanford? Shame on you.

Letter to
Hearst Visiting Professional in Residence, Stanford University Department of Communication Joel Brinkley
Department of Communication Chair, Stanford University James S. Fishkin
President, Stanford University John L. Hennessy
and 1 other
Provost, Stanford University John Etchemendy
We request that Professor Brinkley resign from teaching immediately because such a reckless and unethical journalist has no place in higher education, much less at Stanford.

Tribune Media Services has issued a statement indicating the opinion column "did not meet [their] journalistic standards." None of your public responses to the inaccuracies in your article have ever come close to a sincere apology for misrepresenting information about Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, nor have your responses even acknowledged that a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and educator such as yourself should have known better than to submit such clearly poor reporting to be published.

This petition has thus far been signed by over 2,000 individuals from across the globe, and will continue to be circulated until Professor Brinkley resigns or issues a retraction of the article and/or a public apology to students of journalism, professional journalists, and the Vietnamese people whose public image and cultural heritage has been unfairly and unrightfully tainted by his inaccurate reporting.

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