Removal of the statue of Slave trader, Thomas Guy on Guys Campus at King’s College London.

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Thomas Guy, a man described by the kings College website as a man of ‘extraordinary generosity’, with failure to mention his deep involvement in slave trading industry.

The purposeful omission of his involvement in the South sea company, a large company which bartered slaves to Spanish colonies, leading to the enslavement and death of many Africans.He built his fortune from having large shares within the company which left him with a fortune of 42,000 in 1720, which equates to £400 million today.                          
The failure of King College London to discuss this on their website accentuates  their own shame over this man past, despite this they still erected a statue of him and even named the Campus after him. The intentional portrayal of Thomas Guy as a ‘eccentric...philanthropist’ and a figure to be looked up to, is a failure on KCL’s part by disregarding the systematic dehumanisation of Black people from the beginning of the slave trade till current times. 

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has set up a commission to reassess all of London’s landmarks in order for them to reflect cultural diversity. London is seen as a “multicultural melting pot” unfortunately many statues, plaques, street names and renowned institution names revere historical figures who are prominent figures in the slave trade,


I am a Black African 2nd year student who attends lecture at kings Guys campus, I should not be attending a campus which is named and hails a prominent participant of the slave trade to the point of erecting a statue of him on the campus.
We all saw on Sunday 7th June 2020, the statue of ANOTHER slave trader, Edward Colston being torn down in Bristol after standing for 100 plus years. Despite the small margin of Black students at this university, I speak for us when I say that Slavery and racism affects us MOST, it is an integral part of our history as black people and fuels us to achieve the success our ancestors could only dream of.We have all fought hard to gain a place at this university to study in very academic fields that many Black people around the world don’t have a chance to.

Hence why I urge people to sign and share this petition and those who attend the university to plead the council of Kings College London to remove the statue of Thomas Guy from the Guys campus in order for the university to reflect the “inclusive environment” they themselves promote in their “Equality and Diversity policy”.

If you are not with us you are against us.