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Protect, defend and support Marco Ruggiero's view and work on AIDS

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In these days we are living, in which the genuine interests of the people are contaminated by the interests of the global market, we must proceed with caution,  because the actions taken in the name of responsibility are often actually irresponsible actions, as the letter in which an organization that receives money from the pharmaceutical companies attacked Professor Marco Ruggiero trying to discredit him. Why? because he has a different point of view in what is the real cause of the inmunodeficiency called AIDS.

Although thousands of scientists from around the world - including several nobel awards - share the fact that the identification of the cause of AIDS has been wrong from the beginning, continue the campaigns of denunciation, discredit, persecution and elimination of honest scientists - as in this case of Professor Marco Ruggiero - to avoid having to hear from these genuine scientists even the suggestion that we must review the inconsistencies uncovered in the immune disorder called AIDS.

Professor Marco Ruggiero does not have any conflict of interest in his teaching or his activities in scientific research.

Not only we appeal to Professor Alberto Tesi, the rector of the University of Florence, to allow Professor Marco Ruiggiero to continue his teaching activities, but in addition we urge to protect him from the attacks that he could receive from different corporations with bastard interests, whether they do it directly or through associations financed by them, as in this case.

I guess that if we were living at the time of Galileo Galilei, you would also receive many letters like the one you received today from group, warning you how dangerous it is to have someone who teaches being able to question the mainstream ideas, when actually for many of us, for tens of thousands of people in the world, it is precisely that what you can be proud of.

the University of Florence is the closest to the idea of a vanguardist and open-minded University, precisely by maintaining in its structure scientists as important as Professor Marco Ruggiero.

If you have enough courage to properly manage this attack on Professor Marco Ruggiero, on the academic institutions in general and on the knowledge in its broader meaning, maybe one day we will remember this glorious University that already gave its fruits in the past.

We, the undersigned steadfastly support the work of Dr. Ruggiero, and the University of Florence, and strongly object to any efforts to censor, or silence him, or by extension, the institution itself.

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