Cancellation of Lucknow University UG 2nd and 4th Semester Exams

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  • The main problem that the students of LU are facing is the incomplete course. LU is conducting its UG 2nd and 4th sem. exams without even knowing that the course has not been completed in all colleges. Another problem is that LU is trying to conduct its exams when there lies a great risk of students getting COVID-19, as a huge no. of students cover a great distance to reach their colleges and what if any student gets the virus, who would be responsible for all those hospital expenses and charges. The Delhi University has also cancelled the UG 2nd and 4th semester exams realising the risks at this time. Not all students studying under LU are that rich that they can bear such a large amount of treatment ! Will University bear the responsibility of the treatment of those students ? and after all this...what if someone dies in all this madness. We hope that our voice would be heard by the respected EXAM CONTROLLER of Lucknow University and he surely will take a right decision by not bringing any harm to its students.