Haikyu!!: Don't change the character designs

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Ok, So basically our lovely studio named Production I.G decided to make our fantastic anime designs more closely to manga. As I've been reading the tweet of some guy, there were some people that actually thinks the new look is good. It's not like I don't think it is, but I think it's worse than the previous one. Let's start describing the new designs; First  things first the bodies looks like they are made from wood, I understand the studio tried to make them more buff (duh, they beat Shiratorizawa) but I don't see actually any muscles, more like wood texture like Kirishima from BNHA had. Hinata even sees more fat than more taller (yes, he has grown like 4 cms). Second things second, OUTFITS. The numbers on jerseys are 3x bigger than they were in previous design, they ALMOST cover up the whole jersey. Third things third are faces... Well I don't have any problems with Hinata's new hair, I understand studio tried to make it more manga-like and make it easier to draw. Ok, The thing is that everyone is actually USED to the old designs and won't see the same characters as they were. The old looks of characters were perfect the way they were. As I shared the design on some Discord servers the only answers about what they think were: ew. Nobody liked it,  Everyone complained about it. Well, I  think that's all of mine, if you think the same please, PLEASE sign the petition and don't  just leave it hanging like  that. Thanks for reading anyways, cya.