Fix Prodigy Math Game

Fix Prodigy Math Game

May 1, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alyss Solo F.

Prodigy Math Game is a game I used to play when I was younger, and I was a beta player. I've seen multiple features removed and added, things being updated, and the pets themselves being redesigned. Yet some of these updates ruined the playing experience.

  1. Popups. Players are not the ones to buy memberships, and shouldn't be bombarded with these in-game advertisements, that is not the point of the game. The point is to learn.
  2. Old Starters. The old starters are a privilege to own, and I had a Peeko, evolved into a Flyger, in my old account. It was already stated that the developers want to bring them back, but they have done no action towards this since.
  3. Adventures/Quests. These quests, such as Crystal Caverns, intrigued players for a while, but then they lost interest due to the fact that it doesn't contribute to the plot and the fact things they want to obtain from there, such as the Ice Dragon Tooth Crown, Sparkle Snup, and Snow Ermie, have an incredibly low chance of being found - 1/1,000.
  4. Conjuer Cubes. Methods to obtain Conjuer Cubes after reaching Level 100 will encourage players to play and practice their math skills. It's really disheartening that this isn't already added, since multiple items can only be obtained from them.
  5. The Lost Island. Even if it's changed up, players have begged for it to return and for them to add a way to use wood, a currency that they collected there. The Lost Island actually added to the plot and gave the Floatlings a backstory.
  6. The Towers. At the rate the towers are made, most players would of went to High School or College by the time they're finished. These towers contribute most to the plot and encourage players.
  7. Gale. Gale is a fairy NPC whose Keeper of the Academy and supposedly "fixing the pedestals", in other words, Prodigy's excuse not to release the Towers. Because of them blaming him, players have gotten real hostile towards him, which is concerning. If children are hostile enough to post hate comments on wikis, abuse in-game features to throw things at him, and show their rage, then imagine how they'll treat people in real life.
  8. Credits. Prodigy is not properly crediting their inspiration and sources for creating the game. Music tracks are suspiciously similar to those of Barbie movies, Harmony Island being in sync with fan-made writing works, and many other parts of the game can be matched to popular movies, games, and writing works. The original creator is hurt when they aren't properly credited, even if they simply inspired the person.
  9. Ultimate Membership. 

    "Membership only exists to flex. There are enough member-only pets thanks to the "only members can evolve pets" feature, and not to mention we can't climb the dark tower without a membership. This isn't just a "shaking my head" moment, this is an outrage.

    There are literally people out there who can't afford a membership, and just want a free platform for their kids. First memberships, then epics, now ultimate memberships? Kids can't play the free version without feeling left out or feeling like a noob.

    Prodigy used to be a game that sparked my imagination, then it became a game that made me feel like trash, now it'll be a game that'll make my siblings look bad because they don't have an ultimate membership. I get that the game needs money so the platform can be free (somewhat), but this? This is too much, they've gone too far.

    So what now? They make a new pet every month, make it so only "ultimate members" can get it, and delay the towers even further? Prodigy,  please just rethink this plan. I'm disgusted at this point, you just turned a math game into a flex convention and an ultimate esteem deflator."

    Well there you have it, Ultimate Membership in a nutshell. Our friends, family, and kids shouldn't have to go through this. We shouldn't have to go through this. Rohan, get your head out of the clouds and think about the kids, not the money.
  10. Epics. Epics were toys that parents could buy for their kids. The downside was that buying them was the only way to get them in-game. That Luma thing on their Christmas list? They don't want the toy, they want the pet. 
    Epics are overpowered pets in-game, and allow access to the Epic Arena at the Epic Subspace. They were discontinued... or so that was what the public was told. Members received Epics and updates from Ulla, informing them of the New Epics that are being added to the game. Regular players were not informed until recently when a tab was added to their pet book saying they needed a membership to obtain a Mythical Epic - specifically, the "Epic of the Month". It's mainly outrageous since these "Mythical Epics" are just the normal Epics with redesigned sprites - a ripoff.

What Should Be Done?

  • Popups can be removed, and instead, Prodigy can use email marketing via Parent Linking. 
  • The old starters can be added to the Academy Archives for now, since Celestate can already be found there,
  • Crystal Caverns could be revamped so that it contributes to the plot and gives the Yetis and Miners a backstory, as well as making it a tad easier to find those exaggeratively rare items. That way it can be kept in-game.
  • Daily or weekly challenges can be added as a chance to obtain Conjuer Cubes. It would encourage players to log in and play.
  • Restore the Lost Island and revamp.
  • Prioritize the Towers, and try to speed up the rate they're released. The only real "difficult" part of creating the towers is designing the wardens and Astral Tower. Yet, Prodigy reused a scrapped design for Ada - the Ice Warden and has already created most of the art for the Astral Tower (or have available designs from previous versions/cutscenes of the game).
  • Add more mini-quests involving Gale. They should contribute to the plot and with time, hopefully, players will take a liking towards him.
  • Adding credits to the website or settings will easily fix this problem, and not much has to be done to do so.
  • Remove Ultimate Membership, just scrap the entire thing. Membership ads already got Prodigy banned in a school district, I don't believe they are in the position to take this any further.
  • Allow everyone to have an opportunity to get at least a normal Epic, and replace the ripoff Mythical Epics with actual new Epics, to make memberships worth the money.

These changes will fix these problems in Prodigy Math Game, and make the game a better experience for your kids, your grandchild, your friends, and maybe for you too.

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Signatures: 116Next Goal: 200
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