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Do not show a movie that celebrates America's Original Terrorists

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On Monday, October 27, 3:00 pm, Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY will be showing a movie called Birth of a Nation.

Birth of a Nation is a movie released in 1915, and is a celebration of hatred and evil in America. It portrays a fabricated and inaccurate view of the Reconstruction Period in America, and is a vicious portrayal of African Americans. This movie endorses the Klu Klux Klan, and endorses slavery. Why would Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY show a movie that glorifies the KKK and shows brutal images of African Americans? The reason is to celebrate this “American film masterpiece”.

Did you know that this movie was used in the past, as a recruitment tool for the KKK? According to, Birth of a Nation is still used today as a recruitment piece for Klan membership.

It is not right to praise and celebrate movies that are used by terrorist organizations as a recruitment tool.

Showing this movie does nothing to help stop the violence that is targeted at African Americans today. This film dehumanizes African Americans, and encourages violence against a people mainly because of the color of their skin. How can we possibly hope to stop even police brutality if we find it normal to show movies that promote terrorism in America?

This movie is not a work of art, but is a disgusting promotion of harm hatred and bigotry in America.

It is wrong to show a movie that glorifies and celebrates terrorism by arguably the most dangerous terrorist organization in America, while condemning terrorism abroad.
What message do we send to developing nations who are copying the U.S through globalization if we celebrate cinematic techniques in movies that promote crimes against other human beings?

What if there was a movie or reality TV show called the Birth of ISIS, and it depicted ISIS as the hero and savior to humanity, while depicting American's as the evil tyrants? What if it ended in a climax, as thousands of American men women and children were beheaded. What if we showed this movie and celebrated it due its pioneering technical work such as:

The use of a beautiful original musical score
The use of outdoor natural landscapes as backgrounds
The use of actual people that were beheaded to achieve authenticity and accuracy
Scenes that were innovatively filmed from many different angles
Expert story-telling, with the cumulative building of the film or show to a dramatic climax

Birth of a Nation is just as disgusting as the movie called Triumph of Will, produced by the late Leni Riefenstahl, which was a Nazi propaganda film made for Nazi supporters. This film actually lists Hitler himself as executive producer.

Your support for this petition is crucial. It doesn't matter what your skin color is. There is enough intolerance in the world, we are bombarded with news about other countries that are committing crimes against humanity, and we condemn those countries. We are the first to condemn foreign terrorists, so let's get together and condemn a movie that glorifies America's Original Terrorists.

This petition also asks that the sponsors of Proctors Theaters take a stance against showing a movie such as Birth of a Nation, which glorifies and celebrates terrorism.
Key Bank
Keeler Motor Car Company
Upstate Ford Dealers
Schenectady Metroplex
The Daily Gazette
Cool Insurance
Schenectady County of New York
Family Funds
HGM - Hill Gosdeck & McGraw LLC
Schenectady County Community College
MVP Health Care
Decrescente -Distributing Company
Mazzone Hospitality
Bank of America
Price Chopper
Manson Catering
Sondra's Fine Jewelry
Stewart's Shops
Southern Wine & Spirits
Capital Care Medical Group
David Phaff & Associates -
The Manhattan Club
Dimension Fabricators Inc
Hudson River Bank and Trust Company Foundation
Logic Technology Inc
Keeler Broadway on Tour
Holiday Inn
Vent Fitness
TD Bank
hill & markes
Law Office of Kathleen Toombs
Savi - Specialized Audio-Visual
Eastern Medical Support
STS Steel
Schenectady Vancurler Music
Galesi Group
Artist Pianos
A place for Jaz
810 WGY
Downton Schenectady Improvement Corp.
TW&A Construction Management
First Niagara
Mohawk Golf Club
Pastime Legends
Exit Elite Realty Group
Highbridge Commercial Development
The Desomond Hotel and Conference Center
Trustco Bank
State Farm
NYS Dance Force
Pride Center of the Capital District
Christmas Wish Foundation
Yuengling Lager

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