Procam: Stop runner men from urinating in open on the marathon route


Procam: Stop runner men from urinating in open on the marathon route

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Sad that educated men urinating in public in this event on the Sea Link(and many other places). And these are the men who are setting example and name for India. 

Inspite of our PM Narendra Modi spreading so much awareness about Swach Bharat and building toilets everywhere and inspite of the organizers providing toilets on the route, these men (and there were hundreds)  didn’t think twice before doing it in open.

The organizers definitely need to instruct the runners. One friend told me that this is a common sight every year in TMM. But guys grow up. What example are we setting? This cannot happen every year. This has to stop. Sign my petition.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. It’s not about long queues. It’s about a decision - to use the toilet. Train well so that you can spend 5 min in queue. 

The problems in this case are two sided - CIVIC SENSE from Runners and BASIC INFRA from Event Organizers.

My asks from Procam: 

1. The organizers should appoint people to stop these men or barricade that part.

2. Put banners educating men to urinate only in toilets.

3. Heavily penalize or Ban runners from this event if found urinating in public

4. As per discussion with runners, they say - runners drink a lot of water before the start and get anxious. So, atleast a dozen toilets should be placed just after 100-200 meters from the start. 

5. More toilets on the route and maintenance of toilets during the race is a MUST.

6. A study should be made on the placement of toilets in international marathons and Procam should leverage it and use that for India with appropriate changes based on the city's climate.

Sign my petition.

Procam is a leading organiser and by taking a step in this direction can become a leading example for other running event organisers.

Please support and sign this petition. 

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