Problem in Linking Aadhaar with PAN Card due to Name Mismatch

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          My Name is M. Archunan and I belong to Tamil Nadu.  The "M" in my name represents my father's name Marimuthu and his full name is P. Marimuthu, and the "P" here represents my Grand father's name Perumal.  This is the usual tradition of Tamil Nadu.  And, as far as I know this is also applicable to the other southern states of India too.  There is no tradition of having Surname, etc,.

         This practice is legally accepted one.  So, all of my government documents like, Community Certificate, SSLC Certificate, OBC Certificate, Driving Licence, Aadhaar Card, other Diploma and Graduate Certificate, etc., all them were issued in the name of  M. Archunan.  My Bank Accounts and Pension Accounts too in this name only.

       But, none of these certificate are legally valid for applying for the PAN Card in India.   Because, in the Pan Card Application there is three names such as Last Name/Surname, which is Compulsory, First name and Middle name, which are non compulsory.  The problem here is that the Initials are not allowed in the first and last name.   Though, the middle name can have Initials, but then one must have first name too.

      Now, how can a person, whose legally accepted name is M. Archunan and has all his legal documents are carrying the name of M. Archunan, apply for a PAN Card.  This is a very very faulty system or procedure followed by our Government.

      We all know that India is a "Diverse Country" and here we follow the principle of "Unity in Diversity".  And so, all the Central policies should be framed considering the Diverse nature of our Country.  It is come to my knowledge that this problem is applicable in the Passport of India also.

     Although, some 10-13 years back, I have got a PAN Card in the name of Archunan Marimuthu after convincing the authorities, but, now only I understood that it was not a proper solution.  Because, now I have two identity.  One is M. Archunan and the other is Archunan Marimuthu.

     Due to this dual identity I am unable to Link my Aadhaar with my PAN and vice versa.  And now, I am also unable to correct the name in my PAN Card due to the faulty system/procedure followed by the Government.

      I respectfully submit my request to the authorities to look into this problem of names in the PAN Card System and resolve the same as soon as possible, so that one can get his PAN Card in his original name as per his Government issued documents.  This will ensure that one person will have only one Identity and not multiple.

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