Home Office unfairly deporting talented academic and her daughters.

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Adriana Ortega-Zeifert, an extremely promising PhD scientist (research field - a potential breakthrough in prostrate cancer) has lived in the UK since April 2010 with her three daughters; Carolina (15yrs) Paula (13yrs) and Luciana (10yrs). There is a huge risk of deportation imminently without reviewing or observing the rights of the children, or listening to their voice. The Home Office needs to overturn any judgements against this family's wish to stay in the UK as the rights of the children are being challenged and overlooked. The children have only known living in Manchester as each child has spent a vast majority of their young lives living in Manchester.

The children have flourished in education and have relentlessly continued to support their schools communities and the wider community with vigour. Carolina, Paula and Luciana are exceptional students, performing in all areas of school life; artistically, musically, sportingly and are academically gifted. They have always offered above and beyond what is expected of any secondary and primary school student. If the Home Office supports this family's case, the UK gains credit for multi-life saving scientific research and model citizens who will enhance any potential college, university or place of employment. If the Home Office pursue deportation of this family due to petty bureaucratic issues they risk further damaging the psychological and mental health of all members of this family, especially the children. Furthermore, the children are bilingual but if they are forced to return to Mexico their education will regress indelibly. Thus, challenging the rights of the child.

My family and I are pursuing support for Adriana, Carolina, Paula and Luciana as they are all incredible individuals and a wonderful family unit. Any parent would want their child to sit next to any of these children in class. They offer the City of Manchester and the UK to continue to be beacons for fair play and justice. Please sign the petition and offer your support to Adriana and her children so they can safely and happily stay in the UK.