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Recently we have seen various posts about dogs & cats being abused or killed, and the people committing these crimes are getting probation, cautions, fines, banned from owning a pet as punishment, being seen in a MAGISTRATES court instead of a CROWN court, when in fact they should receive prison sentences and be treated as if it was a human they have committed a crime against, taken to a CROWN court and given an appropriate sentence, as well as a fine, probation when released from prison also being banned for life for owning any animal. We read in the last day that a dogs head was decapitated in Chorley, and left on somebodies door handle, the rest of the body still not found, people who do this deserve nothing less than a prison sentence, we are told the laws change but what difference has that made ? how many people are actually sent to prison, this is happening daily to dogs and cats, this includes fighting of animals, animals being used for bait, we want to push for higher and guaranteed sentences.