Hold Weber High School Racist Cheerleaders Accountable


Hold Weber High School Racist Cheerleaders Accountable

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Terry Mitchell started this petition to Principal of Weber High School Mr. Wardle

Weber High cheerleaders brought shame to their school and the state of Utah when their racist display of ignorance became viral as they smiled and laughed while shouting the words "nigger" and "fuck". They also displayed the need for rules that address racism within their school policies which are notably absent.

These girls broke the rules of the code of conduct in Weber High's school policy in the most public way possible: "Conduct (including social media conduct) that occurs off school grounds may be cause for suspension/removal from Weber High School, should such conduct cause a significant disruption at school".  http://weber.wsd.net/index.php/student-services/school-policy

Cheerleaders represent their school, city and state. Cheerleading is a privilege that is earned. Not a right or weapon to be used to hurt others while smiling and laughing. They are supposed to be examples of their school student body.

These racist girls have proven they aren't leaders of anything but hate and white privilege. They are ignorant, cruel and laugh at the words that have incited fear, pain, violence and murder of Black people.

Students of color feel that they are not valued in Utah or the schools they attend because there never seems to be consequences for the white kids who hurt and belittle them with words like nigger, spic, etc. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!

STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR RACISM in your student leadership! "Reiterated the school district, ‘We also wish to remind everyone that these are kids, and sometimes kids do really stupid things without thinking,"

‘Certainly, there are no excuses for this type of behavior, but they are still children in a sense and hopefully this will be a learning experience for them and others.’ HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE SO THEY NEVER FORGET!!!

Students of color have a right to attend a school that supports them and holds ALL students accountable for racist talk or behavior, including pretty white cheerleaders.

Weber High MUST expel these cheerleaders from their positions and find BETTER REPRESENTATIVES for their cheerleading squad, IMMEDIATELY!

They have brought SHAME to your school and our state and should be held accountable for their actions.

Make examples out of this group of girls and this horrific display of ignorance, so that this NEVER happens again. #Accountability is paramount in teaching kids responsibility for their actions.

I feel that Utah schools have a great need for classes on civility and race and ethnicity, so that the students can learn the value of all cultures and contributions made to the world by people of color.




This petition made change with 4,783 supporters!

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