Change the start time at Barrington High School to something that helps students

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Barrington High School is planning on changing their start time from 7:20 AM to 9:00 or 9:30 AM. Students would get out of class at 3:45, and sports would get home at 7 PM. This should not be allowed to happen. Everyone in our school is effected by this change, and a majority of students and teachers don't like this change. This petition was made to give those students a voice. A lot of students wish for a 8- 8:30 AM start time, but we understand the potential complications for that. If that's not possible we'd like it to just stay the way we are now. Furthermore, the idea of block scheduling is awful ( Block Scheduling is where you would have three classes a day and the classes would be 2 hours each).  AP classes are at a disadvantage from this because they would lose 2 FULL WEEKS of class time, and students who miss school are put even further behind, and are penalized for it, simply for being sick. The benefits are almost non-existent except for some personal preferences, such as waking up when the sun is out, or getting to practice in a game like exterior. BUT, simple personal preferences should not outweigh the main point of pushing it back, the idea of pushing back the schedule is null primarily because, students who get home later, are simply going to stay up later, and it will change our sleep pattern. On top of that, the traffic will escalate from bad to worst, and parents will need to change their whole routine because, their children who have younger siblings won't be getting home until after their siblings get home. All in all, this benefits almost no-one, and although it was a nice idea, the idea of it is null when simply thinking about it. This has a negative effect on teachers, parents, and all the students of Barrington High School.

There are two things we're asking for:

  • Do NOT change the start time, OR change the start time to something that won't radically change our schedules, such as 8 - 8:30
  • NO Block Scheduling



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