[PLKCKY] Please postpone the typed revision sheet ban untill next time

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According to some teachers, Principle Lau of PLKCKY School of Hong Kong and other relevant teachers has recently issued a ban/advice against typed revision sheets.

Many of us already typed like half of the revision sheets required, and they range from 2000 to 4000 words! We do not have enough time to rewrite the revision sheets, as we also have other things like the Drama movie project, the Geography project and the Chinese and English Extended Essay Powerpoints and presentations to do.

I, personally, kind of understand why you guys banned typing revision sheets, or as more commonly and affectionaly known as 'cheat sheets'. I also believe that writing the revision sheets out by hand is better for understanding and learnning, but I do not agree that there a a great difference. Typing the revision sheet allows for quick edits and fixes, which is rather convenient, especfially in the period of time before assessment week.

If you support this petition to postpone the ban of typed revision sheets, please sign this petition! The more votes we students get, the more chance we have at achieving our goal.

We are just asking for the ban to be postponed untill next time, and not to permeanently lift the ban. This short-term change suggested is only because the ban was issued too late. Negotiations are welcome.

We aim to reach for 300 signatures, which is approximately 60% - 70% of all students in Year 6, 7 and 8.

We ask our honoured Principle and relevant teachers to postpone the ban on typed revision sheets untill the next assessment week! Thank you. We hope you will make a change for us students.

If it is not the named people who issued thius ban/advice, please contact me at You can also contact me if you have any questions or opinions you would like to share.

I speak on behalf of those who signed this petition and myself. No offense or disrepect is intended. No copyright infringement is intended. I alone hold all responsibility for this petition. The people who commented and signed on this petition shall remain anonymous.


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