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WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, HEREBY PETITION the Prince William County Board of Supervisors the following:

- That the Prince William County Board of Supervisors authorizes the design with option C as a foundation for the new Animal Shelter as recommended by the Department of Police and Public Works, and budgets the appropriate $14.124.525 for the design and construction of the Animal Shelter no later than October 31, 2017.  

- That Option C be carefully adjusted in a way to ensure 100% compliance with VSA Standards in regards to construction and design as described below, specifically to ensure: Daily sunlight and fresh air for the animals, DAILY activity (design must include individual dog runs that can be open individually, not in groups and opened by staff exclusively as the design shows currently) and a cat room that allows cats to have safe social interaction also daily.

- That each Supervisor volunteers for 4 hours at the Prince William Animal Shelter in a day of their choice, tendering to the animals as current volunteers do.This volunteering is to be concluded by October 15, 2017 prior to their final determination on this matter. 

- That the anticipated "Design" period concludes by December 2017 and not May 2018. That the facility occupancy is advanced to June 2020 LATEST instead of December 2020.



 A) Fresh air: Between 10 and 20 room air exchanges per hour with fresh air is the standard recommendation for adequate ventilation of animal facilities (European Council 1986; Johnson 2004; ILAR 1996)

B) Natural Light: Facilities should be designed to offer as much natural light as possible. When artificial light is used, it should closely approximate natural light in both duration and intensity (CFA 2009; Griffin 2006; New Zealand 1993; Patronek 2001). Enclosures should be positioned so individual animals can avoid being exposed to excessive amounts of light or darkness. Light and
darkness should be provided so that they support the natural (circadian) rhythms of wakefulness and sleep.

C) DAILY exercise and SOCIAL interaction: Animals should receive some type of positive social interaction outside of the activities of feeding and cleaning on a daily basis (e.g., walking, playing, grooming, petting, etc.). This is especially important for animals housed long-term. Cats must be allowed an opportunity to exercise and explore in a secure, enriched setting. Similarly, dogs must be provided with daily opportunities for activity outside of their runs for aerobic exercise (Griffin 2009a; Loveridge


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