Prince George's County (MD) Executive, Rushern L. Baker III: Remove the dishonest and incompetent Rodney Taylor from Animal Management

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Prince George's County (MD) Executive, Rushern L. Baker III: Remove the dishonest and incompetent Rodney Taylor from Animal Management

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Prince George's County Executive Mr. Rushern L. Baker III and

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Under the administration of Rodney Taylor, about twelve thousand animals have been needlessly killed since the inauguration of Rushern Baker as County Executive, two years ago.

UPDATE:  Since this petition was started, Mr. Baker has now completed his first term as County Executive and has been inaugurated for his second term.  During his first term, the number of animals that were killed grew to almost 25,000.

On average, 60% of all animals entering the pound have been killed -- 85% of all cats. As many as 930 have been killed in a single month. Open admissions shelters in neighboring jurisdictions are adopting progressive programs and saving 90% or more of all animals presented to them (seven jurisdictions in Virginia alone). Yet, in Prince George's County, over more than a decade, only about 10% have been adopted, on average. This percentage remains flat.

UPDATE:  The current performance of Animal Management Division under Rodney Taylor has declined.  The number of animals that have been returned to their owners has declined by about 1% from about 11% to 10%.  The number of animals adopted from the facility has also declined by about 1%.

Rodney Taylor refused to complete the assignments given by his supervisor which were to implement policies and establish programs that would improve the outcomes at the pound.

UPDATE:  County Executive Baker said in his 2010 Candidate Forum interview that placing pets in county homes adds value to the community. The only significant increase in AMD statistics is the number of animals that are being exported out of the county.  That figure has risen from 0% (none) about a decade ago, to about 28% last year.

Rodney Taylor has ignored the law, denied citizens their constitutional rights, and trained his employees to do the same. When the court ruled against him, he violated the ruling, and lied about the judge's ruling on the county's web site.

UPDATE:  Animal Mangement Division, under the administration of Rodney Taylor, continues to routinely violate the law and the consitutional rights of the residents of the county.  AMD employees are directed to misrepresent what the law says, accuse county residents of immaginary crimes, levy fines for acivities that are not prohibited, and deny them their civil rights to engage in legal activities. 

While a candidate, Mr. Baker acknowledged that our county's kill rate was too high. Mr. Baker also said that the most important thing was to "get the right people working at the shelter". Mr. Baker's own CountyStat Team's research found that under the administration of Rodney Taylor, the outcomes of the Prince George's County pound were the worst of four neighboring jurisdictions during each of the past three years. The team also observed that the trend was not moving in the right direction.

Rodney Taylor has been given many opportunities over the past three years to show that he is competent to be the Administrator of Animal Management and has failed every test. Recently the CountyStat Team made several assignments to be completed by October 1, 2012. Rodney Tailor failed to produce once again.

UPDATE:  How did Rodney Taylor deal with the CountyStat Team's observation that his performance was deficient?  He began to exclude large numbers of animals that were being killed from his monthly reports.

Taxpayers of Prince George's county should be able to expect that employees of the government will be honest. We should be able to expect competent performance with produces effective programs with positive outcomes. Rodney Taylor has proven many times over that he is not qualified to hold the position of Administrator of Animal Management. It is past time to remove him.

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This petition had 825 supporters

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