Stop the De-historical designation of the OMES Site

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Petition Summary: Recently, on July 23, 2019, Prince George's County Council introduced Resolution CR-72-2019 to amend the 2010 Prince George's County Historic Sites and Districts Plan to remove the Old Marlboro Primary School, Historic Site 79-019-51, and the Old Marlboro High School, Historic Site 79-019-52.  The public hearing is scheduled for September 17, 2019.  This makes it eligible for demolition and the site cleared for a new Court building. We call upon the county’s leadership to set the example and send the message that it is essential to preserve our common history and heritage, as represented by our historic sites and buildings. The historic buildings represent more than 150 years of public education within Prince George’s County.

Action Petitioned For: We the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to oppose CR-72-2019, and oppose stripping the historic designation from the Old Marlboro Primary School and the Old Marlboro High School.  We urge our leaders to take action on adaptive re-use of the building in order to preserve Upper Marlboro’s local history and heritage.  We stand firm against any County action OR INACTION which would result in the demolition of these structures.