Prevent rehoming and allow miniature potbelly pigs as pets in Prince George County

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I am requesting to gather your support in petitioning to change the vague county zoning laws in regards to pet miniature potbelly pigs. I have attached photos of my boy. He's been in my home and life for his entire life. He's my pet and my family. 

I am aware that swine is all grouped into one category under livestock and that there is also a clause that says companion animals are not considered livestock. I agree wholly that farm pigs are to be considered livestock and not fit to be anywhere in a residential community. Though miniature poteblly pigs (which are different from farm pigs on multiple counts) are and have been for quite some time now raised and bred as indoor/outdoor family pets. 

Personally I believe the laws should be moderately altered to allow miniature pigs of a certain size and quantity to exist on residential property. Of course given the same laws that other domesticated animals abide by (safe, not freely wandering, not disruptive, etc).

My hamlet is a prime example. He is fully grown. No larger than a medium sized dog. He is potty trained. He is up to date on vaccines and other related medications. He sleeps and resides for the most part indoors. He is fixed. He is very quiet and actually quite lazy and calm. He is me, my fiancé's, and my children's companion and knows no other life than our pet and family member. He dwells beautifully with my cats and any dogs he has lived with.

The county has provided me notice to have him removed and I am trying to communicate with animal control and the county to remedy this so an older family pet doesnt end up living a life either in a shelter or euthanized due to the lack of interest in adoption for older pigs.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my situation or miniature pigs in general. I am a member of the AMPA (American miniature pig association) and hamlet is also registered with them and I would love to provide more information if you have any concerns about this possibility for change.