Primrose: Stop selling extremely cruel glue traps

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Garden products retailer Primrose is selling animal traps that have been condemened by the RSPCA as “cruel and indiscriminate”.

Glue traps catch mice and rats in a sticky base where they suffer a slow death - the doomed creatures struggle desperately to get free, often pulling out their hair or biting off their own limbs. If they don’t die from these horrific injuries, they die of suffocation when their faces becoming stuck to the glue. Others will spend days dying from starvation and dehydration. Other victims include birds, squirrels, frogs, snakes, etc

According to veterinary experts, “there is much suffering by the entrapped animals – it is not a sudden or merciful death…Because all mammals have similar nervous systems, they are capable of experiencing the same type of pain and suffering.”


Appeal to Primrose to stop selling cruel glue traps.

Ian Charles
Managing Director
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