Stop Animal Cruelty & Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws in St Vincent & The Grenadines!

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Okay, I feel I have to do this as I'm presently so far away in the UK and so helpless.

I first visited St Vincent & The Grenadines in 2009, as part of my heritage I knew virtually nothing about, I was so excited!

It was love at first sight, and I was bowled over by the beauty of the islands and the relaxed living.  I knew I wanted to live here one day and hope that I will.

However, on this my first visit I came across something I was not expecting, the shocking truth about animal cruelty and neglect in the caribbean!  It was bad enough to look around and see mangey, starving dogs at every corner but the real horror was when I saw a puppy run over.  It almost seemed as if the bus aimed at the puppy by the side of the road on purpose and the sound it made was horrendous.  Whilst nobody around seemed to take any notice, the young pup dragged itself to the gutter.  After checking on the pup I went to find help, where in a local shop I was at first laughed at!  Luckily, the next shop I visited was of more help, to the point where the man that helped me took the pup himself to the vet, made sure she was taken care of and his family even gave her a home.  This gave me hope and I have kept in touch since to stay updated on the situation.  It was before my 2nd visit in 2012 that I found The Vincention Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(VSPCA) had been set up.  This is an amazing group af very few people who spend alot(if not most) of their own time trying to help the animals in SVG.  I witnessed myself what they could do on my 2nd visit last year, when they helped me to help some animals I was concerned about.

However, since my last visit I continue to see more and more cruelty and neglect.  The VSPCA is struggling to make a difference, no matter how hard they try and I feel it is the governments resposibilty to do something about these atrocities that our happening in your country.

As a tourist and someone who hopes to make St Vincent my future home I can only tell you that seeing this barbaric treatment of living, feeling beings can only do harm to your country.  People don't want to visit(or live) in a place where not only does this go on but these crimes go unpunished.  If the crimes are unpunished, there is no deterrent to the people that commit them.  There is a need for education in the benefits animals can bring and for some, some lessons in humanity, before tourists see the other side to the 'real' caribbean and avoid your beautiful islands.

Please sign this petition if you would like The Government of St Vincent & The Grenadines to do something about the animal abuse in their country and uphold any animals cruetly laws they already have.