Re-open the Louisbourg-Gabarus Road

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A closed seven kilometer section of the Louisbourg Gabarus Road has hindered economic development along the south east coast of Cape Breton. Why spend over 30 million dollars on a new road when this 7 kilometer section could be opened for a much cheaper price? Having it opened would help this area reap tourism benefits as well as have the different levels of government save valuable tax payers dollars by going with a cheaper alternative while still stimulating growth.

Closed in the mid-1960s after being open for centuries, it was always hoped that it would be reopened one day.

A 2008 study indicated that it would "generate considerable economic impact" along the Fleur-de-Lis Trail. Go to to see a copy of the study.


As part of the study, a survey of approximately 1,700 tourists was conducted, with about 60 per cent indicating they would travel the Fleur-de-Lis Trail if it was completed between Gabarus and Louisbourg.

That would mean more people travelling through Richmond County, through Gabarus and Louisbourg, and along the Marconi Trail into Glace Bay. The number would be upwards of 200 thousand people if weight is given to the 60 percent figure. 

When the study was carried out visitation to the fortress stood at 95 thousand. In 2014 it was at 66 thousand. In 2000 it was 137 thousand. So between 2000 and 2014 there was over a 50 percent drop in numbers. 

A number of businesses have also shut their doors since 2008. If the road is reopened an influx of people would help these shuttered doors reopen. And again generating revenue. 

As decision makers you have an important decision to make. You each have some or complete power to make this happen. Let it be on your watch that the green light was given to reopen a road that should never have been closed and right a 50 year old wrong.