Put Warning: 'Excessive Video Gaming Causes Addiction' on Every Video Game, NOW!

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We want video games to have a medical warning label that informs the general public that playing video games excessively can result in a psychological dependency—video games can cause an addiction.

We support safe video game playing.

Maybe you have a child in your life who you constantly struggle with to put down the video game controller. Or maybe your life partner is spending too much time in front of the screen. Regardless, you likely know how telling your loved one to stop playing video games results in conflicts, disagreements, and, sometimes, even yelling. Everyone knows that too much video game playing is becoming a problem for our loved ones.

Now we know that a psychological obsession with video games is a behavioral addiction—it is called video game addiction and it’s a medical fact

In this campaign, we want to initiate a national conversation about this emerging epidemic.

Video Game Addiction was recently recognized by the World Health Organization in their ICD-11 manual. We want the general public to know about this as an issue! People should be aware that there is a risk of addiction when they are playing video games for too much time.

Video games are designed specifically to be addictive so that the player keeps playing. The growing minds of children and teenagers are especially at risk. We want people to know that too much gaming is dangerous.

As of right now, there are no laws or regulations in Canada to regulate video games and how they can cause addiction. The video game industry is unregulated. We want to change this! We want medical warning labels on video games that say that they are addictive, in the exact same way as how video games have a medical warning label for epilepsy/seizures.

Together we can make a change to protect gamers. Please sign this petition and we can make video game playing safe and fun again!