Stop the Deputy Director of Children Services from abusing her powers.

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My son Yakeem has been denied an education for the last 4 years by Waltham Forest Local Authority because I made a complaint that they were discriminating against him due to his disability.

A background to my story can be found in the Voice newspaper which was published on 14th June 2014. A copy to the link can be found here:

Since that complaint my family and I have been institutionally bullied by a total of 19 social workers and Waltham Forest Metropolitan police officers and from the Child Abuse Investigation Team who are abusing their powers. 

My passion to get my son into school then led to a social worker named Avril Robertson making false allegations against me which led to my arrest on 17th September 2015 where I was falsely charged with child neglect.

I was investigated by Detective Inspector Tracy Gormley for several months who abused her position which caused my son emotional harm because I was on bail for 11 months with conditions that I must not have direct or indirect contact with my son.

On the 2nd August 2016 I was found not guilty in Snaresbrook Crown Court within 5 minutes of a 4 day trial. Neither the Metropolitan Police nor the so called social workers attended the hearing.

The LA and the police will do anything to protect their reputation such as wasting tax payers money to hire barristers to represent them in court for their unlawful acts.

The Deputy Director of Children Services Linzi Roberts-Egan is responsible for the actions of the social workers and the police who are emotionally abusing Yakeem. 

My son is now 18 years old and he has been detained in a children's home for 2 years where social services have prevented me from having any contact. Yakeem has been placed in a semi-independent accommodation which is suitable because he has been placed with people who have no experience or knowledge of people with autism.

My son has the right to go to school and he should not be denied this because of his disability. He is very intelligent and deserves to receive an education like all other children and adolescent.

I would like to ask the Prime Minister to ask the Deputy Director of Children Services to discarge the care order that was imposed on them when the LA made a false application to the family court on the 17th September 2015.

They are punishing my son by detaining him and not providing him with any education. My son has the right to go to school and his has the right to a family life without the interference of public authority.

I no longer live in the borough of Waltham Forest and will not be returning and I want my son to be returned to my care so that he can go to school.