Change The Law On Cat Attacks & Killings

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Dear Madame Prime Minister Teresa May,

I recently appeared in the BBC News regarding the stabbing of my cat, Samson. My case was closed on the night, under the ‘criminal damage’ policy. He was the seventh cat attack in six weeks. 

I campaigned and accrued press support to have the investigation reopened, but it took five days. Samson survived two life threatening operations and has become a national figurehead for our problem.

A sophisticated crime - as is necessary to kill cats- has a dismissible and subjective working policy attached to it. 

Cats are not property, they are family, and this policy renders their attempted murders equable to damage of furniture. What message is this sending to all recent perpetrators of these horrendous crimes, and the families of victims? How many more innocent animals need to die before this changes?

The entire cat community of this country would agree with me- and do- as is evident in this petition. The law to protect cats needs to be reformed, or these murderous and calculated incidents will continue to rack up, at the alarming and treacherous rates they have, since the M25 Cat Killer case.

This is ANOTHER attacker, an entirely different individual, and our police, our people and our government need to do everything they can to ensure that the hunt for our animals stops, and the hunt for these murderers truly begins.

Let no cat ever suffer the same as Samson and our family ever again. 

The policy needs to account these attacks as a serious crime, or this most dangerous knife violence will continue to be ‘filed’ a petty crime. We deserve more.

Please help.

Yours sincerely
Seanin Mouland

The criminal damage policy regarding harming and killing of cats is reformed to escalate the investigations, and provide considered value and severity to the nature of the crime at hand. The value of our cats lives should never be determined as mere property damage, as was the case for Samson and many others recently. Right reform will ensure these attacks are equable to animal cruelty laws, and give the country the safety and protection it needs.

Personal story
BAPA is a community-led information stream for regular updates on the Brighton Cat Killer Case.

Find us here-

My name is Seanin Mouland, and my three year old tabby was the Brighton Cat Killer’s seventh victim.

Here’s our crowdfunding campaign-

He survived an almost fatal stabbing on Sunday the 18th of November- knife went almost entirely through the whole of his abdomen, to nick his abdominal wall from the entry point of the stomach. 

I fought to have Samson’s case reopened, and the investigation started, on behalf of at least seven cats, whose lives were lost or traumatised by knife violence, since September 2018, in the Preston Park/Ditchling area of Brighton. It came to light seven AT LEAST in the same mile stretch had been attacked, since September

The police have been investigating since the 23rd of November 2018, and we urge any in our area affected to call 101 quoting Operation Diverge with information. 

We will keep the wider community informed, so all known information on the Brighton Cat Killer remains transparent and accessible, via a public Facebook group called Brighton Animal Protection Activists.

This is for you, cats of Brighton. You matter, and we love you.

Seanin Mouland
Brighton Animal Protection Activists Facebook Page