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No taxpayers’ money to Quality Meat Packers! No cuts to food inspectors!

Did you know that $3 million of our public money has just been awarded by the federal government to Quality Meat Packers slaughterhouse, located in downtown Toronto?

On April 11, 2012, the Harper government announced this interest-free loan repayable in 10 years as part of its the $60-million “Slaughter Improvement Program.” Its aim is to improve profitability, with no regard to improving conditions for the 7,000 pigs slaughtered there every day, despite the fact that Canadian laws governing the care, transport and slaughter of farm animals are among the most inhumane in the developed world.

Shockingly, on the same day, the Harper government announced plans to eliminate the jobs of 100 meat inspectors at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This poses a threat to food safety by increasing the risk for e. coli, listeriosis and other food-borne illnesses associated with the mass slaughter and packaging of animals.

Cuts to inspectors translate into less enforcement of all regulations with dire implications for animal welfare, for abattoir workers and for consumers.

The latest attack on public health came in May 2012, when the mad neo-conservative Stephen Harper Government announced it would further de-regulate slaughterhouses and "allow slaughterhouses to process already dead animals." This threatens public health and also will lead to more animal cruelty as crippled and lame animals aka "downers" by industry, will be prodded to the kill floor and slaughtered.

What we want to do:

1. Stop the Stephen Harper Conservatives from using taxpayers’ money to fund slaughterhouse profits. Contact your MP and ask that they raise this issue in Parliament. The local MP in the Quality Meat Packers riding is Olivia Chow.

2. Stop the Stephen Harper Government cuts to the number of food inspectors.

3. Say no to Harper allowing slaughterhouses to "process" already dead animals.

4. Listen to expert advice advocating decreased consumption of meat and a vegan diet as a way to reduce risks of degenerative diseases. See Physcians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).

5. Follow the “Just Transition” principle, recommended by the Canadian Labour Congress," guaranteeing the economic livelihood for slaughterhouse workers until sustainable and ecologically sound employment can be found. 

At a time when the Canadian public can no longer afford to fund environmentally unsustainable industries, why not use the $3 million to improve food safety, to retrain workers for economically viable employment, and to promote the consumption of healthy food?

The choice is clear!

For more info contact Toronto Pig Save

For background information, a good website is Food Safety First

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    Prime Minister Stephen Harper, MP Olivia Chow, CEO David Schwartz

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