Dual Citizenship for Indians-Within & Outside India

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The Hon. Prime Minister of India,

South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011


Dear Sir,

I congratulate you on the exemplary work done by you on garnering support from various countries on the NSG matter in 2016. You also deserve kudos to the support India has received from developed economies of the world. You have ensured that India no longer remains the slow performer. However, let me also bring to your notice the pressing need for offering Dual Citizenship to Indians.

In 2003, your mentor, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee announced that Dual Citizenship will be a reality but as with many "closed wall" announcements this too did not see the light of the day, so far. Not being to critical, I do welcome some of the recent changes made to the person of Indian origin (PIO) and to overseas citizen of India (OCI) categories in 2015. But, as you may agree there is more than meets the eye.

A strong opponent of Dual citizenship, Germany, is now considering offering it to young Britons (after the infamous Brexit) residing in the European Union. This should serve as a wake up call for the government that times are changing and changing fast and decisions need to match them.

Overseas Indians, whether they hold Indian passports or have foreign passports, have an emotional bond with India. That holds true for a majority of people of Indian heritage. When major democratic and developed countries have no issue with dual citizenship, there can’t be a real justification for India to treat its own people unfavourably (Source : Yadu Singh)

Sir,to conclude, I do not need to point out the pros and cons Dual Citizenship has to offer, you of all know it the best. But, what I can tell you is that sometimes things have to be done for the greater good even though the benefits and drawbacks appear to be hazy. You will definitely find disgruntled fellow Indian citizens, but be assured that you will surely find many more happy and passionate Indian citizens who would want to come back to their motherland and invest their time, money and talent to contribute to India's growth and make it the next big economy in the world.

It is time for India to shine, and this Mr. Prime Minister, is a pretty good way to ensure, just that.

 Jai Hind!!

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