Plea from parents to Australian Govt: Let us meet our children. Approve Petition EN-1860

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This is the plea of parents from all around the world who wanted to travel to Australia to be with their families.

We are the parents of Australian Citizens born overseas. We wanted to visit our families, but we are not allowed to enter Australia as we are not considered as immediate family members of Australian Citizens and PR holders.
This is the worst thing that can happen to someone like us in old age where we are being separated from our families. Many of us had left this world waiting to see our children and most of us are still waiting. We are living with depression, anxiety and constant fear of separation from our children and grandchildren. 
We send our children to this beautiful country which is multicultural, and we have full faith in the Commonwealth of Australia.
We appreciate measures taken by Australian government to control the virus, but we and our children cannot live with this anxiety and uncertainty. Petition EN-1860 had been presented in parliament to classify parents as immediate family of Australian Citizens and PR holders and exempted from travel ban. This is the humble request of parents from all around the world to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Department of Home Affairs. Pls approve this petition and allow us to visit our families in Australia. 
Thank you