Independent Inquiry into allegations against Minister Christian Porter


Independent Inquiry into allegations against Minister Christian Porter

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UPDATE Dec 2021:
Christian Porter has resigned from Parliament.  Christian Porter sought to avoid accountability for his actions, and avoid transparency.  

A big thank you to everyone who signed this petition and helped to hold him ultimately to account.  

Mr Porter's resignation from Parliament brings to an end the campaign by Australian Politics Watchdog for full accountability for someone who held the position of Australia's first Law Officer, Attorney General, and was touted as a serious contender for future Prime Minister.

As is his right, Mr Porter maintained his innocence against the most serious accusation against him, that of committing rape against a fellow debating team member as a 17 year old (and Australian Politics Watchdog does not suggest otherwise).

However given a criminal trial was no longer an option, after the sad death by suicide of the alleged victim, and given a range of other allegations of a long pattern of misogyny and sexism, as well as allegations of lying about the nature of his relationship with the alleged victim (based on evidence by the victims friends including Macquarie Bank executive James Hooke), it was vital for a public inquiry to be held to restore faith in government and parliament.

Failing a public inquiry, the only other option was for the former Minister to leave parliament.

Australian Politics Watchdog believes that Australians have a right to demand that our leaders and parliamentarians be of the highest integrity, and must be fully accountable for their actions and behaviour, in a system with strong anti-corruption and transparency measures.

In this case, we have made progress. But there is still much more to do... stay tuned!      

UPDATE Nov 2021:
Former Attorney-General Christian Porter, remains a member of Parliament, despite no inquiry into his fitness to be a parliamentarian, and despite no disclosure of the anonymous donors who funded his defamation action against public broadcaster, the ABC, breaching the Ministerial Code of Conduct and the spirit of disclosure rules designed to avoid conflicts of interest or undue influence on politicians. 

Christian Porter must face a full inquiry into his actions or resign from Parliament
Original petition:
As Attorney General, Christian Porter is Australia's first law officer. He recently stood in as 'Leader of the House' in Peter Dutton's absence.

As such he must be of high character and above reproach.

Christian Porter has been the subject of serious allegations of sexual misconduct and rape.

A police investigation cannot proceed due to the untimely death of the woman who accused Mr Porter of rape. 

In a Four Corners report last year, Mr Porter was accused of being 'deeply sexist', a misogynist, and to have exploited his position throughout his career in politics, in his relationships and interactions with women.*

Mr Porter has strenuously denied the allegations and is entitled to the presumption of innocence. He has that presumption under the law.

Victims of sexual assault and harrassment are also entitled to be heard. They are entitled to justice.

The Australian public is entitled to have confidence in its government, its Prime Minister and senior ministers.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison to institute an independent inquiry headed by a trusted and qualified person to review the allegations and determine if the Attorney General is a fit and proper person to continue in that role.

We support the call from Mr Michael Bradley, the lawyer for the deceased accuser,  for an inquiry that has powers to compel witnesses to give evidence and produce documents, to "give everyone  procedural fairness and is done in such a way which is transparent and with integrity so the public can have faith so whatever the outcome is, it’s a resolution they can trust in”

*Source: Tarla Lambert,


This petition made change with 12,167 supporters!

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