Snowy mountain brumbies are to be killed! Save the BRUMBIES and Australia's heritage!

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Since 1890 with Banjo Patterson's, Man from Snow river poem Australians have Been aware of the beautiful wild mountain horses that make their home in the Snowy mountains!

Over the years these beautiful families of animals have faced many obstacles including drought and fire! They have survived, but with the ongoing drought they are struggling to find food and are coming down from the mountain to find food. They are starved and scared and soon as temperatures drop...there will be snow!

For many years some conservationists have pushed to have the BRUMBIES culled, blaming them for damage to the environment.  Wild pigs are also to be blamed in the environment.

NSW have approved a plan to kill the Snowy Mountain BRUMBIES, thousands will be captured and trucked to abottoirs. 

While introduced, these horse are our culture, they have made their homes in the kosciosco area for close to 150 years. Let's save these horses and foals. Tell the NSW govt Gladys Berijiklian and Scott Morrison that these horses are all our business, that we ...AUSTRALUA needs to save them. 

Please share so other people Australia wide know what is happening...time is running out for the BRUMBIES!