Save Education in India

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Our public education system has irretrievably broken down and is not producing the desired results. India ranked 72 out of 73 countries in the PISA (Program for International Students Assessment) ranking of 2010 by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The Annual Status of Education Report (rural) 2016 has shown pathetic learning quality with only 25 per cent of children in grade III being able to read a grade II level text. Around 10 lakh out of 60 lakh teaching positions are vacant.

According to a World Bank study, teacher absenteeism on any given day is as high as 25 per cent. Of the teachers who do come to work, a large proportion of them lack the motivation and skills to perform well. The victims are our children.

While the state of education calls for urgent reform, government seems to be working only for appeasement and quick fix. 

Save Education Campaign/Siksha Bachao Abhiyan calls on the hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi to:

  1. Empower each parent with Rs 2,500/- per child per month to meet the schooling expenses of their children.
  2. Ensure safety and security of all students, teachers, management and school premise.
  3. Amend Right to Education Act 2009 for learning outcome based school recognition system instead of mere infrastructure norms which is closing down thousands of schools across the country.