Keep The Sea Window At Accra/Rockley Open

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Whereas, the residents of Blue Waters, Cot Road in Rockley and the wider Rockley district and adjoining Worthing and Hastings areas along the South Coast, have no issue with the concept of redevelopment and have no desire to stop this project as a whole, we however have some legitimate issues that concern its impact on our nearby homes, the surrounding infrastructure and the use of the existing beach access, car park, window-to-the-sea and the general environment.  Therefore we want these concerns considered with regard to TCP Application Ref: 0267/02/2019 B;   So please sign and share the below petition if you share these concerns and believe that ...

1.       The traditional Window-To-The-Sea opposite Blue Horizon at Accra should be left open as a legacy.  It is one of the last remaining vistas to the sea on that coast and the south coast of Barbados.

2.       Locals and visitors alike have been using that parcel of land for parking and access unobstructed and continuously for decades, and now have a legal prescriptive right to do so.

3.       The proposed 10 storey height of the hotel is out of character with the surrounding area, and will create shading and ventilation issues for the surrounding residential area.  There is also the major concern on setting such a precedent for the South Coast, especially established residential areas nearby.

4.       Given the above points and potential threat to existing road and sewerage infrastructure a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be done for the Blue Horizon/Blue Tourism Inc project, as presently proposed.

Dated:  July 15, 2019