REDUCE GST RATE on BICYCLES, spares & accessories

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The humble Bicycle is the solution to many of the urban issues we face today be it, health, environment & space-related.                                   

The world over, developed countries are recognizing this and promoting cycling by providing infrastructure and also making it easier for citizens to own and use. But, in our country, we have the highest import duties and GST rates (12%)  with no semblance of a cycling infrastructure.

A bicycle is a performance machine & a mechanical one too, with the passenger being its engine. If users are allowed to procure better machines without burning a hole in their pockets, they will use it more and the more it is used by citizens, more it will help reducing the carbon footprint. A fit and healthy India is an added bonus.

Reducing or possibly removing the custom duties & GST on this planet-saving machine called the Bicycle will be a big step towards promoting its usage. 
Also, the above step will give the much-needed impetus to the bicycle industry which is in a bad shape currently.
Cycling infrastructure is also the need of hour to make the activity safer.    

Car-free zones , dedicated cycling lanes, safe route to schools, etc which are currently non-existent will be of great help, if provided in our towns & cities.

Lets make India a fit, pollution & congestion free smart nation. 
Jai Hind !