Appeal to Reinstate Dreams Mall, Bhandup and save livelihood of 6000+ families

Appeal to Reinstate Dreams Mall, Bhandup and save livelihood of 6000+ families

1 April 2021
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Hon'ble Chief Minister
State of Maharashtra
Date: 30th March 2021

Subject: Appeal for restoration of Dreams the Mall, Bhandup

Respected Sir,

We the shop owners and workers of Dreams the Mall most humbly submit as under:

  1. Sir, you are aware of the devastating fire at Dream Mall in Bhandup, where 11 lives have been lost, and the mall severely damaged. It has brought 1100, small shop owners to the streets.
  2. The livelihood of 6000 families, (with 1100 shop owners) dependent on the Mall for their subsistence is in jeopardy, and there is an atmosphere of despair among them. Most have spent their lives savings in their business, and this fire loss in the already difficult COVID times will break their back.
  3. The will of the 1100 shop owners to rebuild the Mall is very strong, but without your support and the helping hand of the government machinery, it will be impossible for us to stand on our two feet.
  4. We appreciate your prompt visit and taking a first-hand account of the woeful, sad and miserable incident and also welcome the immediate registration of the FIR against the perpetrators.

Some representatives will meet you to formally request your help and support, but we most humbly pray to you for help in rebuilding our Dream, Dreams The Mall 2.0 by granting us the following requests:

  1. Recover outstanding dues of property tax, electricity and water from the actual defaulter - HDIL & group and release this undeserved burden off the heads of the small shop owners by sanctioning a fresh connection for Water and Electricity.
  2. Waiver of property tax for the next 5 years.
  3. Announce an exgratia to those who have suffered and aid us in rebuilding the Mall premises.

And for this act of kindness, we shall remain ever thankful.

Thanking you!

Yours sincerely,
All stakeholders, Dreams Mall, Bhandup

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Signatures: 4,084Next Goal: 5,000
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