Popularise AYUSH systems of medicine

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Traditional systems of medicine are believed to have less side effects and promote holistic health.  However in India, it is observed that doctors trained in AYUSH practice allopathy with the intention to achieve quicker results.  A person practising something in which he is not trained is a quack. By allowing non allopathy to practice allopathy, the government is lowering the standard of AYUSH system of medicine. Very few AYUSH graduates practise AYUSH. 

Who are affected

1. The Indian public,  who cannot get the benefit of AYUSH treatment. 

2. Ancient traditional medical knowledge which is slowly dying because doctors trained in AYUSH are practising allopathy. 

How can this problem be tackled

AYUSH doctors should be directed to practise only the field of medicine in which they are trained. They should be encouraged to keep themselves updated in their fields of medicine and they should undergo renewal of license every five years after attending required number of CME (continuing medical education) hours.  This will help in raising the standard of AYUSH and improve health status of Indian population in a cost effective manner.