Please Save Jamie, a 9 year old British boy stuck in a Middle Eastern children's centre.

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9 year old Jamie (a British citizen) is, at the request of his mother, currently incarcerated in a children’s centre on the edge of the desert in the Middle East, and is not allowed to see the family and friends that love him. He is in a life-threatening situation and desperately needs the help and support of us all.

He was torn away from his treasured and safe home life, and forced into the children's centre with only the clothes he stood in.

Jamie is fighting for his life. HE IS ONLY 9 YEARS OLD and is enduring more than any adult would be able to cope with.

For the past 18 months, Jamie has been under a great deal of stress, fighting extradition to France to live with his mother in an abusive environment. He is frightened of his mother and absolutely refuses to live with her.

The French authorities tried to force Jamie to France. When he refused to go, he was taken to the children's centre.

Jamie deserves to be heard. His wishes and his safety are paramount. We cannot bear him being so alone and shut away.

What a boy Jamie is. He knows right from wrong better than the adults that are imposing this abuse upon him. He is not tainted by their greed, pride and own agendas. We are so proud of him. But we fear he may die, incarcerated in a children's centre, due to the level of abuse that has been cruelly meted out upon an innocent child.

His human rights are being violated by the French authorities - not the authorities where he is, who have always been correct to Jamie, but are obliged by a bilateral agreement to grant the requests from the French authorities - he has the right to life, liberty, and personal security.

He has said that when he goes to sleep, he wishes he doesn't wake up. He has also said on several occasions that he will kill himself if he is forced to return to France.

This is a desperate and urgent situation. Please, please help to save Jamie's life by signing our petition calling on our Prime Minister and the French authorities to use the power of Government to intervene.

Thank you

Family and friends of Jamie