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Petitioning Prime Minister Perry G. Christie

Prime Minister Perry G. Christie: Stop Plans to Construct a Cruise Ship or Ferry Docking Terminal off Bimini's Western Shore.


Bimini's economic and ecological future depends upon keeping our waters clean, our reefs healthy, and our fisheries thriving. In order to preserve the tourism industry that has sustained these islands for decades, we insist that all current and future development proposals respect and protect the ecological integrity of Bimini and all of our surrounding ecosystems.

The current proposal being put forth by Genting's newly acquired Resorts World Bimini Bay calls for the creation of a massive cruise ship terminal off the western shore of North Bimini. These plans include a 1000 ft dock extending west off North Bimini's beaches, the creation of a large man-made island offshore, and an enormous amount of related dredging. All of this is being proposed in an area of densely populated coral reef habitat.

The damage to the surrounding reefs will be catastrophic, and the landscape of Bimini will be forever transformed.

We are calling on Prime Minister Perry G. Christie to halt these proposals and demand that a new plan be developed. Any new proposals put forth must NOT adversely impact Bimini's reefs or marine ecosystems, must NOT negatively affect the North Bimini Marine Reserve, must NOT negatively impact the quality of life or property value of North Bimini's residents and homeowners, and should take into consideration the ideas and concerns of Bimini's residents, stakeholders, and homeowners.

Letter to
Prime Minister Perry G. Christie
Stop Plans to Construct a Ship Terminal off Bimini’s western shores.