The Day after Brexit, we will campaign to rejoin the EU.

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Brexit has been missold to the people of the UK. 

Not one of the promised outcomes have been achieved. 

We are seeing the exact opposite of their promises delivered:


International Drivers Licences. 

More Red Tape. 

Reduction of rights.

Net COST to the country (not "£350m pw" saving).

Loss of power in the world.


We were told Brexit would solve problems it has never caused.

We are now seeing Johnson cover up Russian interference reports. 


We are told that we cannot analyse Johnson's "deal" (which is actually just the initial offering of May's deal).

We are told we cannot have a Final Say on the facts.


We, the undersigned, pledge we will take the UK BACK INTO THE EU. 



We will start this process as soon as we are forced out by whoever takes us out.


We realise we'll lose:

Our rebate.

Opt out on Euro. 

Opt out on Schengen. 

But these losses will be on the shoulders of those seeking to harm our national wellbeing with Brexit.