Enact the Animal Welfare Bill of Sri Lanka to replace current law from 1907

Enact the Animal Welfare Bill of Sri Lanka to replace current law from 1907

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Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe (Prime Minister's Office of Sri Lanka) and

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Started by Anoka Abeyrathne

Honorable decision-maker,

Sri Lanka’s Animal Welfare Bill which received Cabinet approval on 13 January 2016 is yet to be passed by Parliament, thus lacking the force of law.

Today, our animals – stray, captive, domestic or wild, face many difficulties at the hands of humans. They are beaten, abused, exploited, stoned, shot, trapped, killed, neglected and exposed to many other forms of cruelty daily.

Most recently, a Labrador named Charlie was burnt alive in Negombo by trespassers on private property, and although vets fought to save his life, the he suffered a painful death (please see the attached images and footage courtesy of Animal SOS).

I am confident that as a compassionate human and due to your position as a decision maker, you can drive the enactment of the Animal Welfare Bill. Therefore, we humbly request your support to enact the Animal Welfare Bill of Sri Lanka so that it becomes law. We must act now, otherwise many innocent animals would continue to suffer horrific deaths in Sri Lanka.

I along with many other Sri Lankan citizens strive to create an environment where animal lives are protected by law, so that they too have the chance to live their lives in peace and to be saved form a horrific death. We continue to do our part by rescuing animals, rehabilitating them, donating resources to charities amongst others. Our fight to save animals in Sri Lanka will be fruitless if the Animal Welfare Bill doesn’t have the force of law. Therefore, we desperately need your support to convert this Animal Welfare Bill into law.

Yours sincerely,

Citizens of Sri Lanka with Otara Foundation, Embark, Animal SOS Sri Lanka, AWPA, Save a Paw with Love, Dog Star Foundation, Cat Protection Trust, Tikiri Trust, Ray of Hope, Adopt a Dog SL, Care for the Voiceless,  Baw Baw, We Care, Dog Care Clinic, Le Kittenarium, Pawever Pals, VisionOne, SustainSolutions.



(text adapted from Sammy Lee)

Charlie the Labrador burnt to death

131,639 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!