Ong Ye Kung To Resign From Minister To MOH & MMTF !

Ong Ye Kung To Resign From Minister To MOH & MMTF !

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Dear Mr Ong Ye Kung,

It would be a magnificent benefit to Singapore if you could resign as Minister of Health as well as being in the MMTF. 

As Singapore has agreed to choose with living with COVID, it DOES NOT MEAN that you should just leave everything and allow this situation to BLOW UP. You have not implemented ANYTHING of value to tackle  Covid-19, however, all you did was just remove every good initiative that was currently in place. Although we have a highly vaccinated population, does not mean we can’t be careful as well! Mind you, the elderly and pregnant women can get very ill. Children cannot be vaccinated as well.

Immediately after you took over from Mr Gan Kim Yong, the Covid situation took a Huge Dive for the worst. We have no idea why you decided to remove EVERY IMPORTANT INITIATIVE that was put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The places visited by People who have Covid is actually very important as it enables People in Singapore to quickly avoid the places and prevent a HUGE spread. You were probably worried about business for these places, however You are making the situation even worst now, as people will just completely avoid going out as they are afraid of getting the virus. 

The arrangement of quarantine due to HUGE clusters was also terribly organized. An example is Why are people living with someone who could have been exposed even allowed to go out in the first place? If one person is to stay at home shouldn’t everyone in the same household follow the same rules?

Recently, as cases surged, you have also decided to remove the report of the number of unlinked cases, which can actually act as a gauge of our current situation. You outrightly keep trying to hide information from the public, which previously, Singapore has been famed for being transparent and fast on its reporting and tracing.
Stop trying to directly copy the Western world, as we are different! We are a small and dense country. We also rely heavily on the workforce. Thus, if everyone ends up sick, who is going to work!? Everything will crumble. 

Furthermore, as cases continue to rise, you have not implemented anything to help control the situation. What is the use of being the Minister of Health when you are incapable of implementing anything of value at all?

You are making things even worst by removing all previous current good initiatives that helped prevent the spread. Previously we were actually doing fine, not perfect- but we  could carefully and safely open up. However now, that won’t be possible or harder as you have single handedly caused a MAJOR CHAOS.

Shouldn’t the Minister of Health put the HEALTH of the people in Singapore as TOP PRIORITY? Actually, you do not even need to put the health of people in Singapore as Top Priority, but please just STOP causing even more damage by coming up with any new ideas which create even more chaos.

We want a Health minister who is wise and actually has a heart, and is able to implement wise initiatives that will keep people in Singapore safe while allowing Singapore to carefully open up.

EDIT: In addition, Please stop trying to convince us that it is just like a flu & everyone will get it sooner or later & hope We or our family/ friends/ loved ones are not one of the unlucky ones who ends up dead.
Why must living with Covid means letting cases go astray? Why can’t we open up slowly & try our best to keep Covid cases as low as we can?

Also, there is lack of foresight, proper controls and planning. All the new measures don’t seem to be working, vaccination rates are so high, yet Covid numbers & deaths seem to be increasing! There is something very wrong here! 

I believe everyone should be good at something, but this is definitely not your forte, So, Please, do Singapore a big favour & step down fromo being Minister of Health as well as to the MMTF.

Thank you very much!

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!