We want a better infrastructure for Karachi

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Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and the seventh largest city in the world. It is the financial hub of the country, contributing more than 70% in the country’s revenues and approximately 95% in the province’s revenues, yet it has been deprived of the basic infrastructural facilities since as far as we can remember. The rainfalls in the past few weeks in general and those during the past three days in specific have further proved that the city’s infrastructure is completely destroyed. We accept that these rainfalls were unprecedented and that they have broken several records, but had we been prepared with the proper infrastructure in place, the damage wouldn’t have been as bad. 

We therefore request all the authorities to take up this matter with utmost urgency and resolve the issues of Karachi after setting aside their political differences. Kindly think like Pakistanis and not as members of a specific party.

Karachiites have come forward and helped the fellow countrymen whenever natural calamities have befallen on our mother nation, it is now time that Karachi needs the entire nation to plead to its leaders to revive the city to its glory.